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Week 6 Day 1 Mar 14

Goals Review

Pairing: Implementing a Plan

Continuing to work on memberships...

Jason's Week 5 Day 4 Mar 9

Goals: Implement MofoBottleO Today’s goal: * Run through Rails API * Meet with Nicci and Summa * Map out next steps

Sprint Planning with Nicci and Summa

I just had a ‘stand up’ meeting with the MofoBottleO ladies and it was fun mapping out stories...

Rails API Mar 8

I spoke with Daphne today and asked about what would be essential for a new Hotshot to get into when they start at Vinomofo. She recommended learning about the ‘Rails API’, and I thought that was great advice since I don’t know it myself.

What I...

Jason's Week 5 Day 1 Mar 6

Goals: Implement bug fixes on code base Today’s goal: Shadow Daphne and write review notes

Image Resolution

Luke decompressed images on the main site and we can’t tell the difference in the images.

Example of a compressed image

iTunes annoyance

Jason's Week 4 Day 5 Mar 3

Goals Review

Not typing bundle exec


I hate having to freaking write bundle exec all the freaking time...

Jason's Week 4 Day 4 Mar 2

Goals Review

Git tip

I’m updating staging through circle CI, and so on my local repo, it shows the (origin/staging) on a few commits behind master, when it is AT...

Jason's Week 4 Day 3 Mar 1

Goals Review


Mick brought in some sweet sweet bread rings

Mick's Bread Rings

Money Validation

I set up a validation for DrinkCase#case_price to make sure it’s positive. This was a bit weird...

Shrine for File Uploads Feb 24

I’m working through how to do file uploading, and it seems like Shrine gem is a great way to add this feature.

It’s a bit complex and I’ll have to learn how to use it but luckily, GoRails has a lot of material on in.

Here are the Srine docs (shrinerb...

Jason's Week 3 Day 5 Feb 23

I’ve made a bit of progress!!! I’m finding a lot of the initial setup to be a pain in the ass. ie, how should I handle Heroku, or aws, or etc.?

Goals Review

Styling Day Feb 22

Here are some styling stacks that I looked at today

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