Week 7: Review

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Goals Review

Revamping the notes

I decided to just write my notes and look them over weekly instead of dumping a bunch of stuff every day. It was getting to be a bit tedious writing notes and not actually coding, plus, I felt that no one was looking at them (not even me :(). Consequently, by the start of one week, I’d forgot most of what I did last week, and I didn’t really need to think about the week as a whole.

I could just be lazy by lowering the number of posts, but I’m thinking I’m just being practical. We’ll see. If I write weekly, and get a better sense of what I’ve done, then I’ll consider that a win.

Pulling Tickets

I got to get a little bit deeper into to pulling tickets for the main website. I met with Nicci and Summa, so I got to ask about a feature they wanted for the Brokers. Also, I learned to cherry-pick commits and dump them on other branches. It’ll only be a matter of time before I can do REAL shit and then after that, RULE THE WORLD… or maybe not.

Drinking more alcohol

Admittedly, this is not an aspect of the job I’d anticipated so much, but I’ve been drinking a lot more then I usually do, but it’s at least in a classy way. For example, I’m not used to having wine with dinner, but because we get free bottles now and then and Annie’s been asking me to bring some home to cook with, I’ll have a nice pizza and couple glasses of ‘Duck Sauce’, or risotto and white wine. Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a couple of master classes and wine tastings. I’ve had stuff from the Basket Range (hippy juice) and Mornington (elegANT stuff). It’s a bit complicated to get into the different grapes and vintages, so I’m still only able to differentiate between red and white wine, but give me some time (and a few more buzzed meals) and I’ll be able to tell you if the wine was fermented with rind or not. :)

Delayed Job

Daph helped me out with Delayed job to implement a way to remove bottles that are in people’s shopping cart. That was kind of awesome. I was thinking that if a bottle was in someone’s shopping cart for over an hour, they need to be removed. This was an interesting issue bc there were several ways to handle this. You could also have the bottle stored in the session, and only care if there was a purchase. This would allow you to have other workflows if a shopping cart was abandoned. Given the small nature of the system, I figured it would be alright to pull bottles in the shopping carts out of circulation for a bit.